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"Has there been any word yet?" Regis suddenly asks the grim faces of his royal council. "Has there been no word from the United Nations?"

The council room is grimly silent for a few awkward minutes before one of Kingsglaives comes busting through the wide double doors. This armistice with Niflheim has taken a bad turn. Not only are their enemies broken against their front lines but they've also managed to reach the Wall that surrounds the Crown City. Regis could feel the power of the Crystal waning with every assault due to his link with it. The Ring of Lucii glows onimously within the dimly lit Citadel as the young Glaive gives his report. There's clear dread within the king's eyes as he listens alongside his men. The entire chamber is packed with the Crownsguard along with his chief advisors. Clarus never once strayed from Regis' side either, his eyes fixated on the dried blood that spots the young Glaive's face.

"They've broken through all of our defenses." Regis states wearily with the sense of true despair within his voice. "We had turncoats within our ranks since the beginning." That comment won a look from the stern Amicitia beside him. The two exchanged glances briefly before turning towards the others.

"If the United Nations shan't heed our plea for assistance then we shall defend our kingdom til our very last breaths." Regis stands from his throne without the aid of his specter and gives what might be his last orders.

"Have our forces withdraw and lead our citizens to safety! I will not sacrifice the lives of my countrymen for the sake of my pride! Lucis will surrender--"


The desperate cry silences the entire council once another Glaive rushes into the room. Just as bloodied and battered as the first, this man greets Regis with maddening glee as he quickly tries to catch his breath. "They've come!" The soldier yells with such joy. "The Overwatch has come! They're at the front gates of the city neutralizing the Niflheim threat!"

A sigh of relief floods the room as the Crownsguard quickly start mobilizing with the aid of the remaining soldiers within the Citadel. Regis couldn't stop himself from sighing in unison as the heavy burden upon his shoulder lifts at last. "Thank the Gods..." He mutters to himself once he felt Clarus' sturdy hand upon his shoulder. The king was prepared to die just a moment ago to defend his people but somehow through the Six's blessing, he's allowed a moments reprieve from death.

That reprieve won't last though as commotion swells at the arrival of one of Overwatch's heroes."Your Majesty," Another at the doors to the royal chambers speak as they introduce one of their intrepid champions.

"Introducing Sir Reinhardt Wilheim!"
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[It took Noctis much of his willpower not to tell the paparazzi to "take a hike" after the ceremony. While the glitz and glamour of it all was exciting for him at first, nothing was more glamorous than seeing Lunafreya walk down the aisle in her stunning white gown. She looked like the perfect bride, a true beauty with her golden hair tied in a neat bun with a long white veil obscuring the gentle curve of her cheeks. Noctis had to pinch himself just to make sure this was real. It all felt like a dream him, a pleasant fantasy to pass the day. He glanced over his father a few times with a hint of worry in his gaze.

Was he really ready to become king?

Marrying the Princess of Tenebrae is one thing but to marry the Oracle is a bold move on Lucis' part. His father gave him his blessing to marry Lunafreya with little coaxing on his part. Thankfully, his father understood his son well enough to let Noctis pick his bride even if it means negotiating with that of Niflheim. That why the newly crowned king couldn't wait to be alone with Lunafreya away from all these prying eyes. He waited years for this day to come and now he must wait some more for these damn reporters to leave. Noctis stands beside his beloved with a lovesick gaze before glaring at the next person who asks for a picture. He gives them a tense smile that looks more like an awkward glower before attempting to whisk his wife away with him.

The royal ceremony was held at the courtyard of a very classy upscale hotel by the waterfront in Altissia. The reason why the Crown picked this location was because didn't want Niflheim to have an excuse to enter Lucis. That and the fact Altissia is neutral territory. It the most logical of options and one Noctis didn't mind too much despite his preference for the royal gardens in Tenebrae. When he was young, Noctis always dreamed of marrying Lunafreya amongst the bright blue sylleblossoms. He always thought that would be more fitting but he couldn't have that wish fulfilled. That's why he wore a small blue sylleblossom upon his handsome black tuxedo.

He wanted to have something from Lunafreya's country here to remind her of home.

Luna. [He whispers her name against her dainty ear.] Let's get going. No more interviews.
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A general HMD Post for Falsetto/Janice. Muselist here. Character journals also have their own respective hmd posts too.
all comments are screened, anonymity allowed.
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1) Check out my muselist: here.

2) Make an opening prompt with one of your characters and specify which one on the muselist you want to interact with in the subject line.

3) Shenanigans ensue.

Open to everything! Fluff? Drama? Comedy? AU? Past? Future? Space? Under the sea? If you have half an idea, feel free to toss it out and I'll try to fill in the blanks. If we can figure out which characters to knock together maybe we'll get something good.
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who: lunafreya & regis
what: she is meeting regis before their scheduled time to meet, so she can have a discussion with him about noctis' future.

Lunafreya was followed around by Crowe, who received her at an outpost, and brought her to the King before the car to fetch them even arrived. She was covered in her white coat, teal scarf and white dress underneath. Crowe took her bags, but she stepped into the throne room with her eyes full of hope and worry. The scene of familiarity brought the sensations of nostalgia to her heart, the mere idea of seeing Regis again had always made her think back to a simpler time. One of those times just happened to be with Noctis, even though she could only hope that he was still here.

For now, she awaited the sound of the doors opening to the inner sanctum of the room where the chairs and throne set. Luna already saw Regis in person in a distant time, similar to this one but there was one problem now -- something was not right. She had new memories: her death, regis' death, noctis' death and the deaths of everyone who followed them leaving nothing behind. There had to be a way to fix this, right? She hoped that Regis would be open to the idea of what she was about to discuss with him, hopefully in private.
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1) Check out my muselist: here.

2) Make an opening prompt with one of your characters and specify which one on the muselist you want to interact with in the subject line.

3) Shenanigans ensue.

Open to everything! Fluff? Drama? Comedy? AU? Past? Future? Space? Under the sea? If you have half an idea, feel free to toss it out and I'll try to fill in the blanks. If we can figure out which characters to knock together maybe we'll get something good.
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1) Check out my muselist: here.

2) Make an opening prompt with one of your characters and specify which one on the muselist you want to interact with in the subject line.

3) Shenanigans ensue.

Open to everything! Fluff? Drama? Comedy? AU? Past? Future? Space? Under the sea? If you have half an idea, feel free to toss it out and I'll try to fill in the blanks. If we can figure out which characters to knock together maybe we'll get something good.
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"Oh yeah!" Johnny let out a cheerful yell once he finished his ninth shot of tequila. "Keep them comin', gals!"

Filled with spunk and unbridled energy, the Captain of the Jellyfish Pirates decided to park his airship at one of the city's most crowded clubs within miles; the Sharkfin. After scouring the land in search of treasure and babes, this debonair playboy thought now was a fine time to let his hair loose and rest. He's been on the hunt for days after some buried goods here in town, but he couldn't get so much as a lead on the stuff. Hence why he's here at this skanky club drinking and cursing like sailor. Johnny's having a grand old time without his little crew around to hinder his fun.

"Keep 'em comin', baby." The blond cowboy said as he raised his now tenth empty glass into the air. Any normal man would have passed out from taking too many punches from Jose Cuervo, but Johnny isn't your average fella. The fancy Japanese style blade at his hip definitely gives that away.

"Ladies, I'm plottin' to drink till sun rise! Better break out your best booze."
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[After a moment or two of silence, Ocelot finally speaks after taking a long drag on his cigar. He doesn't like the idea of giving an ounce of his blood to this brat, but then again he sees an opportunity here that only a fool would spurn. The kid before him has a peculiar talent to merge with the shadows of his opponents. It reminded Ocelot a little of a certain sniper he met long ago in Afghanistan but her "powers" were slightly different.]


[A thoughtful hum escapes him as he regards Lance with a critical gaze. Those cold blue eyes don't miss anything. He could clearly tell that the vampire is in agony despite how cockily Lance seems to want to prove otherwise. Ocelot's not too sure how long the youth can hold out at this rate with that bullet hole in his gut.]

You really need blood?

[He questions as if to make certain that none of this is a ruse.]
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[ The quiet hum of the Arcadia drummed within Harlock's ears as he gazed into the black nothingness of space. Except for a few insomniac crew members, everyone was fast asleep except for him. He watched from his cabin as the ship set sail across unfamiliar stars. Space, after all these years, was still quite mysterious and unknown to him. He may have sailed through the cosmos for the last one hundred years but he still couldn't unravel the mysteries of the universe. It was just inhumanly possible even when cursed with immortality.

Harlock reclined in his chair as he sipped his wine. He always possessed a strange fondness for red wine even from his heyday as a coalition officer. Of course he could barely remember why that was at this point, but he still preferred wine over everything else. Maybe it was the subtle bitterness or the rich crimson hue that made him so fond of wine. For whatever the reason, Harlock found himself drinking his fifth glass of wine for the evening. After drowning one bottle alongside Mimay, Harlock continued to drink as he gazed into the bleakness of space with his one good eye. He took yet another sip of his glass until he heard someone at the door. ]


[ He said with a slight hint of a command in his raspy tone. Harlock had an idea as of who it was but he didn't want to make the assumption yet. Yama was still new to this vessel and its crew; a young pup amongst a den of wolves. Harlock knew from the start that Yama was a spy and yet none of that mattered now that they managed to out run and out gun the Gaian Coalition at every turn. ]
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Feel like roleplaying a romantic comedy or something stiflingly sexy and hot on the magical "V-Day"?

Then please chose from this list of zanny characters and we'll make the sparks fly this Valentine's Day! Just a fair warning though, Kefka isn't very fond of the lovey dovey stuff. Uwehehehee....
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It was the promise of "food" that lured Elfarian here. Normally he wouldn't give that crass little brat the time of day, but the elf's hungry for something good and free. Since arriving here in this strange town, Elfarian has been having a time getting used to the cuisine. Most of the foods presented here weren't satisfying enough to his refined palate.]

Is he coming or not? [He grumbles in high annoyance.] I could have sworn he told me to meet him here.

[Standing outside by the gate, Elfarian must've looked somewhat out of place compared to the dreary backdrop. Then again, this elf always looks rather out of place no matter where he goes. That shockingly blue hair and pointy ears doesn't make him blend in easily with the rest of the village folks.]

Let me guess? This was all some sort of pathetic ruse to butter me up and disappoint me.

[He scoffs.]

That vile cretin...!
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[ There's something oddly satisfactory about watching the urban sprawl from high above. Not a single person below noticed him, all too busy with their mundane lives to care to look up. Seated upon the window ledge of an elegantly designed Victorian Baroque building, Augustine possessed very little worry for anyone spotting him up here.

Typically he wouldn't be so bold as to linger around these parts openly, even at night, but the vampire a tad bold today. It's late evening now, and most of the pedestrians down below were either rushing home or rushing towards the nearest bar. After all, this was one of the world's busiest cities. Day or night, the streets of New York were always busy.

Catching a bit of a chill when the evening breeze pulled past, Augustine pulled his black cloak tighter around him. Perhaps being perched up here was a bad idea, despite how amazing the view was. ]
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The tavern here in Bree was his frequent haunt. Many travelers from kingdoms and towns far and wide typically settled here in the Prancing Pony. That's because the village was always a hot bed of activity, whether it be trading or smuggling. It wasn't unusual to see men nor hobbits pass through this homely little town. Many people ventured here in search for work and twice as many came to Bree in search of adventure. While he was most certainly in search of work, "Strider" has a preference for adventure instead.

The ranger settled by the far end of the tavern seated at a dark corner away from all the festivities. Not many noticed his cloaked figure as he smoked his pipe. Gray-white fumes lingered all around him in puffy waves of thick smoke. They flowed almost elegantly within the air, effortlessly twisting about in a slow hypnotic dance. Strider simply sat there watching the other patrons chortle and prance about with mugs of ale at hand. He had a few drinks earlier himself, but didn't quite finish the last one that lingered still upon his table.

Having his fill of drinks of the day, Strider simply kept to himself as others passed him by. Most of the sellswords here failed to even notice his presence, something that makes Strider chuckle. Half the men in this tavern fancy themselves as warriors, but more than half were nothing but undisciplined cowards.
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[ After traveling through forests unknown, a weary Thorin sets his blade back within its sheath as he settles down upon a nearby tree stump. The hilt of the Orcrist shimmers magnificently within the sunlight, nearly blinding him as he eyed the blade with much awe. It was still a wonder how such a legendary blade could be forged by Elven hands and merely tossed away within dark deep cave, but Thorin was grateful nonetheless. With the Grey Pilgrim taking its "mate", the Glamdring, as his blade; Thorin and Gandalf now were in possession of two of the Four Legendary Blades of Ancient Time. Such a truth made the Dwarven-King swell with pride as he fingered the Orcrist's hilt almost lovingly. While it's true that Thorin bears no love or fondness for the Orcrist's elvish forgers, he certainly couldn't help but admire the master craftsmanship of a blade so powerful in design. ]


[ A stray thought passed his mind as he unhooked his sheath off his belt. Now cradling the blade within his hands, gray-blue eyes lingered upon the silvery blade of the Orcrist with mild confusion. ]

T'was said that you was created to be the same as the Glamdring. [ He whispered to no one other than the blade within his calloused hands. ] Yet, you possess no similarities to that of your mate. I wonder why that is.

[ A small smile settled on his lips as he sheathed his precious sword once more. ]

I suppose none of it truly matters.

Gods & Men

May. 20th, 2012 08:55 pm
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Above within these majestic blue skies was a fleet of airships hovering above the war torn earth. These ships hailed from the furthermost reaches of heaven acting as the chariots to the "Gods". They dotted the bright sky with their ominous shadow, shunning the brilliance of the sun with their sheer size. Those who watched from below huddled in either fear or awe as the fleet passed by. These magnificently crafted ships were once a symbol of hope and prosperity, but now served as a frightful reminder to all those who still lived on the ground. As the ships sailed through a cluster of multicolored clouds, Yasha watched quietly from the comfort of the main hall. Once again Lord Deus saw it right to call for the "purification" of the lands below, this time choosing to send Yasha to accompany this expedition. Grimacing silently at the thought of staining his hands once again, Yasha's gloomy gaze settled upon the monitor once more. Today's target appeared upon the screen once the ships flew past the mountain range. It was a large city this time one that could rival that of Shinkoku's brilliance.

Reminded of the air raids he once joined in the past, Yasha clutched the golden mask in his hands tightly as he eyed the screen. "Just how many more must die--" He muttered under his breath. "Before we are satisfied?" Not at all anxious to see this once prosperous city be turned into a pile of rubble, Yasha turned his gaze over towards the next monitor. There he saw what seemed to be a horde of flying beasts darting in and out of the clouds. It was the Gohma.

"So they have come at last." The Demigod grumbled as he placed on his mask. "The numbers of these impure beasts know no end. They grow and grow in there numbers, almost as if our efforts to thwart them means nothing." A gruff growl escaped him and his fists tighten. "What is the point to all this madness if there's no end in sight? Just how many more must perish?" While pondering the answer to that question, Yasha placed his mask on and walked out of the main hall towards the decks below. As determined as he was to ensure peace for Gaea and its people, the Demigod was beginning to question his allegiance to this cause. One of the main reasons why he even agreed to such tactics in the first place was because of all the faith he placed in Lord Deus and the Brahmastra. If they could somehow complete the Karma Fortress in its entirety, then the Brahmastra would be strong enough to end Vlitra, the Core of the Gohma, once and for all. However, such a feat was close to impossible given all the set backs the Gods have faced up till this pivotal point.

Then there's Asura...

Yasha gritted his teeth in anger as he thought about the fallen god. How could it be possible for someone like Asura to possess a power that rivals that of the Brahmastra? That's a question that plagues Yasha the most regarding the wrathful god. Was Lord Deus correct in believing that reaping the souls of the believers was the only way to subdue the Planet's Will? Yasha let out another sigh. "I have no time for this!" He thought impatiently as he marched towards the lower decks. A few guards tired to stop him from heading outside but before they know it, Yasha was air bone. He leap off the side of the main flagship, Septima, and pummeled towards the earth in blinding speed.
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